Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet is a technique that teaches elegance, poise, musical awareness and performance skills.

The vital dance technique for all dancers, it requires hard work and determination to achieve to effortless grace, agility and technical precision.

Students work towards Grade Examinations and Class Awards with the Royal Academy of Dance focusing on Ballet Technique, Free Expressive Movement, and Character Work.

Students will only be entered for examinations once the Graded Ballet Syllabus standard is attained and the teacher deems the students ready for examinations.


The RAD pride themselves on being inclusive, offering a progressive training syllabus for both recreational dancers and for students who inspire to a career in classical ballet. 

Here at HHDC we offer Grade 1 - Grade 5 Ballet Exams and Class Awards as well as RAD Solo Performance Awards.

Once the students has achieved Grade 5 we move onto the new RAD syallbus Discovering Repertoire.